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In October 2011, "Pantum global launch and the new product launch event of all-in-one machine" was held in zhuhai. At the press conference, it formally announced its entry into the global market and released five new models of the M5000 series of all-in-one machines

In September 2011, the MIIT-CSIP-DUT technology innovation center was formally established in the Siena industrial park.

In January 2011, the world famous financial media in Shanghai Forbes Chinese version published its annual first 2011 potential Chinese companies list, zhuhai Seine printing technology co., LTD., with its huge market share and development potential of rounding a fourth

In December, 2010, the company officially changed its name to Zhuhai seine printing Technology Co., Ltd., in English: Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd.

In December 2010, China's first laser printer with its own core technology was released in the great hall of the people in Beijing.

In September 2010, the foundation of the saner printer industrial park in nanping science and technology industrial park was founded and started construction.

In July 2010, senna won the bid of "central state organ printing consumables centralized procurement project in 2010"

In April 2010, it was recognized by national high-tech enterprises.

In 2009, I entered the printer manufacturing field and made the first Chinese printer.

In April 2009, the production exceeded 500,000.

In 2009, we set up the r&d center of laser consumable charging roller and magnetic roller and set up corresponding production base.

In 2008, I was the first manufacturer in the industry to obtain the authorization of the legal use of printer, toner cartridge and related imaging technology patents.

n October 2008, the company launched the first "easy to add powder" series of toner products in China, creating a new era of "idiot" adding powder.

In June 2008, the production exceeded 300,000 and the production capacity reached 500,000, entering the top three in the global laser printer compatibility and renewable energy industry.

In November 2007, Siena technology limited received STMC certification from the standard test method committee.

In January 2007, we independently developed the toner technology of removable developing box, which saved the cost and increased the versatility and beauty of the toner cartridge.

In November 2006, Seine innovation design products with independent intellectual property rights of laser printer with the NT - C0350, can apply to more than 100 kinds of laser printer products, become the world's best compatibility, matching the strongest and most widely commonality of drum unit products

In April 2006, the company was incorporated.