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Enterprise mission: to create value for society, provide service for customers, and realize ideal for employees. 

Enterprise spirit: loyal and realistic development and win-win. 

Business objective: to focus on customer demand, focus on the specialty, to lead the competition by competitive advantage, and win the market with high quality products. 

Enterprise goal: to be an industry pioneer, tree international brand.

Talent philosophy: there is no limit on talent standards, no limit of talent demand, and excellent employees are the fundamental driving force of enterprise development. Shining is gold, talent needs to be dug, more needs to be cultivated.

The view of enterprise competition: to go upstream, not to advance is to retreat. 

Corporate responsibility view: employees are responsible to the enterprise, and the enterprise is responsible to the society. 

Enterprise service view: make customer satisfaction is our only choice. 

Enterprise quality view: the quality standard is clear and specific, this is to meet customer demand. 

Enterprise effect view: lowest operating cost, optimal scale benefit, maximum profitability. 

The enterprise cost view: the expenditure has the degree, the thrifty has the square; Cost control, everybody is responsible.