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Zhuhai Seine printing technology co. LTD.(hereinafter referred to as: Seine technology) was founded in 2006, is based on technology, patent as the core, set research and development, design, production, sales as one, specializes in printing industry, product manufacturing and technical services in the field of international group company. The main business of the group involves integrated circuit development, 3D printing technology research and development and equipment manufacturing, laser printer, printing consumables research and development, production and sales, etc.

Seine technology is the only manufacturer in China that has mastered the core technology of direct-injection multicolor 3D printing. Zhuhai Pantum electronic co., LTD. Is the only independent core technology manufacturer of laser printer in China. Its subsidiary Apex Technology Co., Ltd. (002180) is one of the world's largest manufacturer of general printing consumables, RMB 2016 in 26 billion, successful acquisition of the second largest us laser printer manufacturers, lexmark international (NYSE: LXK) 100% stake, changed the pattern of industry.

Seine its establishment, the company has established a multi-field and multi-level industrialization platform for industry-university-research industrialization.

In 2008, we cooperated with dalian university of technology to set up the zhuhai r&d center of fine chemical national key laboratory.

In 2011, the national integrated circuit public service platform, the senna science and technology innovation center, was formally established.

In 2011, wuhan university successfully completed the development of image processing technology.

In 2012, the zhuhai r&d center of the ministry of education of embedded systems was established.

In 2012, zhejiang university -- the joint laboratory of senna science and technology was established.

In 2015, I cooperated with wuhan university in building materials research and development.

In 2017, the "joint laboratory for 3D printing of cardiovascular medicine" was established with guangdong provincial people's hospital. 

2017 medical 3D printing joint engineering center with southern medical university

In the "industry as own duty, technology innovation as the foundation" of the industry development policy guidance, Seine technology, relying on strong technical research and development capabilities, has taken on many national major scientific research projects:

NDRC industrial revitalization program project.

Science and technology department national optoelectronic integration major research breakthrough project.

The ministry of industry and information technology revitalizes the national industrial project.

Major technology projects in electronic application technology of guangdong provincial science and technology department.

Seine technology, relying on a strong technology research and development, production management, quality control, and market development team, with rapid product launches, market distribution, logistics distribution and after-sales service, won the user's global market recognition, become the global printing industry leading enterprises. Seine color material 3 d printing more the success of the independent core technology research and development marked the Seine ushered in the new round of industrial upgrading, the next five years, annual output will reach one hundred billion yuan, the Seine group at the same time will drive a bigger the development of China's printing industry cluster.