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        Zhuhai Seine printing technology co., LTD., is a based on the technology innovation and the core patents, to research and development, manufacture and sales of technology-oriented enterprises. With nearly 300 independent patented technologies, senna has built a leading patent technology platform in the industry after obtaining the legal license of the core patents of laser printers of international multinational companies. In "industry as own duty, technology innovation as the foundation" of the industry development policy guidance, Seine technology, relying on a strong technology research and development, production management, quality control, and market development team, with rapid product launches, market distribution, logistics distribution and after-sales service, won the user's global market recognition, become the general laser printing consumables industry leading enterprises.
        After the success in the field of laser printing supplies industry, Seine technology and extend to the upstream of the laser printer industry, developed China's first laser printer, fill the blank of Chinese indigenous technology laser printer industry, started the industry upgrading. At present, the Seine technology of laser printer has been department of guangdong province as a major project of science and technology in the field of electronic technology applications, to foster the next five years key listed by the zhuhai municipal government and support of one of the top ten industries. The success and mass production of the laser printer in the core technology of senna technology will lay the foundation for the rapid development of China's laser printer industry.