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  Ninestar (stock code: 002180), a professional committed to the industry printing imaging, imaging and output technical solutions as well as a global leader in print management service, printer supplies IC design industry leading enterprises, is the world's common consumables industry leading enterprises. Has the world famous brands of laser printer lexmark, lexmark with high-end products in the technology and print management services, printing services provide high value solutions, particularly in Europe and the United States market deeply. The global workforce is about 20,000. The annual sales volume of the group is about 30 billion RMB, covering over 150 countries.

          Zhuhai seine group, the holding company of nasda shares, develops and sells industrial grade 3D printers. The product is suitable for education training model and surgical planning model, jewelry casting model and color multi-material customization products. In 2007, legend held a stake in senna through its junlian capital.
          Pantum, which owns the laser printer business, is the printer manufacturer of China's own core technology. The printer is included in the key field of domestic alternatives.
          Lexmark international, a company separated from IBM in 1991, is a "mercedes-benz" in the printer industry.
           As print imaging solution, hardware, business processes and services in areas such as recognized as a leading enterprise, in print management service (MPS), smart capture content management, enterprise content management, medical industry, financial process automation and enterprise search key markets such as field with leading competitiveness.